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Dayton SCORE Supports Small Businesses in the GEM City

Dayton SCORE leads the challenge of putting the "Gem" back into the "Gem City" one business at a time. Dayton businesses, area educators, government officials, business development agencies and support groups such as SCORE must work together to save jobs, create jobs and drive the local economy. Small and medium businesses have traditionally created more jobs, generated more income, and had the greatest economic impact on the American and Dayton landscape throughout the years. Poised to do it again, they just need vision, confidence, motivation and leadership.

50th Anniversary of SCORE

2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of volunteers that have given their time, expertise and enthusiasm to help over 10 MILLION small businesses succeed.

SCORE as a whole –a strong network of over 10,000 volunteers in 340 chapters throughout the country– has had a profound impact on the state of small business in America throughout the last 50 years. 

Dayton SCORE was establish in 1965 and has more than 60 volunteers servicing both the profit and non-profit businesses.  The Dayton SCORE Chapter partners with communities  within our 11 county area.

In additional we partnership with the SBA. SBDCs, and community and state agencies  as part of an ongoing relationship to improve support for our clients. The Chapter serves as a resources to programs such as local chambers of commerce, Better Business Bureau, local libraries, high schools, and institutions of higher learning

Hannah's Treasure Chest

hannahFounded in 2001, Hannah’s Treasure Chest is a non-profit organization which enriches the lives of children in need by providing clothing, furniture and toys through partner agencies in Butler, Greene, Montgomery and Warren Counties.  

Several volunteers from Hannah’s Treasure Chest have attended workshops presented as a part of the Dayton SCORE non-profit initiative.  Leslie Marsh, Community Relations & Marketing Coordinator, for the Hannah’s Treasure Chest stated that the Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits workshop was a valuable, basic overview of the platforms and methods to use in connecting with donors, sponsors and clients in online communities.

She appreciated the opportunity to share and hear from other nonprofits who are exploring this area of marketing, and to talk more in-depth with attendees about their issues and solutions. The guidelines and suggested resources offer a solid starting point for organizations who are just getting into, or who are improving their current social media marketing programs. 

Engage In Strategic Planning and Marketing

Dayton SCORE and TAC ENTERPRISES in Springfield have been collaborating for several months after key representatives met during a SCORE sponsored workshop held in cooperation with the Springfield Chamber of Commerce

TAC Enterprises

Strategic analysis of current as well as future TAC products and servicesrelated marketing, and associated initiatives have been discussed to date.

SCORE and TAC representatives are collaboratively developing  an interactive PowerPoint marketing presentation to communicate their products, services, and experiences for staff, customers and clients.  This adaptive tool can be used at all levels of the organization and more specifically for different customer or client solutions.

TAC ENTERPRISES is an established non-profit corporation that provides work, life, and home solutions for a diverse group of over 300 customers and clients

We Care - Non-Profit Initiatives

The Dayton SCORE non-profit initiative is: “WE CARE about the Success of Non-Profit Organizations”.  Dayton SCORE has a committee of dedicated members to help small non-profit organizations increase their capacity and operate similar to a small business.

First, the committee investigated the needs of non-profit organizations.   Then they created a three part program starting with an Organizational Assessment for Staff members and Boards to review their current status.   The second step of the program is a series of five workshops which address basic organizational needs:  Strategic Planning, Board Development, Financial Management, Fundraising and Marketing – all directed to non-profit organizations.    The third step is specific mentoring for organizations at their request.

The non-profit community has embraced the Dayton SCORE workshop program with average attendance of 35 people at each session.   Twenty-five non-profit workshop sessions have been presented since its inception in 2012.  The total attendance during this three year period has exceeded 850 individuals.

The demand is continuing.  We expect another series of the workshops to be presented by Dayton SCORE in the Spring of 2015. The five workshops and links to several of our contributors can be found on our website (click here).  On-line Registration is required at our website and will be offered three weeks prior to each session.

Who supports The Dayton SCORE Non-Profit Initiative?    The Dayton Foundation, The Levin Family Foundation, United Way, Better Business Bureau, The Dayton Metro Library, and others.  

Dayton SCORE Newsletter

Within our newsletter, learn about Dayton SCORE′s outreach to the business community that is supported by our experienced counselors. These counselors provide FREE mentoring to existing and start-up business within the Dayton and surrounding communities.

This newsletter provides basic steps for business success, a local success story, and highlights our vision and mission.  You can stay involved with happenings at Dayton SCORE and the SCORE Advantage activities by receiving our newsletter and periodic workshop bulletins.

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Seasoned SCORE Counselors

Seasoned Counselors

You may be younger than us, you may be cooler than us, you may even be better looking than us, but you will never be smarter than us!

Seasoned SCORE counselors have transferrable life experiences and proven business solutions that can save you time, money, effort and the pain of doing business

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