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Dayton SCORE Supports Small Businesses in the GEM City

Dayton SCORE leads the challenge of putting the "Gem" back into the "Gem City" one business at a time. Dayton businesses, area educators, government officials, business development agencies and support groups such as SCORE must work together to save jobs, create jobs and drive the local economy. Small and medium businesses have traditionally created more jobs, generated more income, and had the greatest economic impact on the American and Dayton landscape throughout the years. Poised to do it again, they just need vision, confidence, motivation and leadership.

Chapter Chair Corner - Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson, Chapter ChairAs we start the new fiscal year 2016, Dayton Score is poised on a new era of growth and opportunity. In the next few months we will update our website with new Webinar options designed to reach our "e based" clients. We started a new series of both for profit and non-profit seminars. In the last six months we have welcomed eight new members and we are challenged to continue that growth for the next year.

In the next few months, we will embark on a number of new initiatives including outreach to new communities and groups, development of a women in business seminar series, establishment of at least two new external sites in partnership with the community, creation of a business tune-up clinic and coaching opportunities, and an improved professional counseling team delivering real value to our clients.

When Bob Talty approached me about being chapter chair, it seemed a daunting challenge. After some reflection and much encouragement from a number of colleges, the excitement of our possibilities have become truly invigorating. Dayton Score is a tremendously talented group and with your continued support, we have only a brighter future ahead. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the progress.

Thank you Arnold Sandness for a terrific job!

Arnold Sandness’ amazing career has been recognized by individuals within National SCORE, our Southern Ohio District, and Dayton Chapter 107. His career has encompassed 20 years by:

  • helping countless numbers of clients, serving as Chapter Chair from 2000 thru 2002,
  • leading Dayton SCORE to National Chapter of the Year in 2002, an unbelievable achievement, and
  • serving with distinction as Southern Ohio District Director from 2004 thru 2010.

That’s a resume that has not been matched by any other member in SCORE’s 50-year history.

For four years he has provided a vision and strong leadership to the Non-Profit Committee, established a good relationship with the Presidential Banquet Center as our workshop venue, obtained funding to cover our expenses, and pushed us to the success that we’ve achieved and for which we’ve been widely recognized.

The members of Chapter 107 and the Non-Profit Committee (shown below) appreciate his leadership and will miss him when he moves to sunny Florida.

 Non-Profit Award to Arnold

Business Information Center

Dayton SCORE has developed an information center with internet links to "How To ..." subjects relating to government and non-government articles.  These various articles will provide you an insight into specific government rules and regulations as well as general information topics.

To examines these informative business links (click here).


Dayton SCORE Monthly Newsletter

Within our monthly newsletter, learn about Dayton SCORE′s outreach to the business community that is supported by our experienced counselors. These counselors provide FREE mentoring to existing and start-up business within the Dayton and surrounding communities.

This newsletter provides basic steps for business success, a local success story, and highlights our vision and mission.  You can stay involved with happenings at Dayton SCORE and the SCORE Advantage activities by receiving our newsletter and periodic workshop bulletins.

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Non-Profit Awarded the "Spirit Award"

At the Southern Ohio SCORE Meeting in Wilmington Ohio on May 29, Dayton SCORE was awarded the "Spirit Award"... In Recognition of the Creation, Execution and Sharing of Non-Profit Workshops. The award plaque was presented by Southern Ohio District Director Mary Jane Good to Carol and Wally Nugent who represented the entire Dayton SCORE Non-Profit Team. The five workshop series (Strategic Planning, Board Development, Financial Management, Fundraising and Marketing), as of June 11, will have been presented six times since the fall of 2012. 

The series is targeted to the management and board of directors of local small non-profit organizations, and has been very well received with an average workshop attendance of 32 people. Importantly, the workshops have resulted in a large number of mentoring relationships for the Team with local non-profits. 

Miami Valley Chambers of Commerce

As a member of the business community, support your local Chamber of Commerce

Click Here for a list of the Miami Valley Chambers

Dayton SCORE Counselors

Experienced SCORE Counselors

Not all games can be won with just hard work – sometimes you have to work hard and think (act) smart.

Dayton SCORE has experienced counselors with proven solutions that can help you to integrate working hard with working smart to win in the game of business.