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Each month Dayton SCORE presents several webinars relating to business situations you may encounter while managing your business.

Dayton SCORE Provides Small Business Training and Mentoring

High quality business advice and training are provided to small businesses and non-profit organizations in Dayton, Ohio from certified Dayton SCORE mentors.  These business services are provided in one-on-one meetings and workshops designed to meet the needs of start-up and existing small businesses.

The Small Business Development Series

The Ohio Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), The Columbus District Office of the SBA, SCORE, and Ohio Development Service Agency is offering this free Resource Training Seminar Series. Each individual seminar is designed to enhance the setup and/or growth of your small business concern. 

The seminars include:

  • Starting Right and Beyond - Wednesday, May 11
  • Access to Capital - Wednesday, June 15
  • Credit Report/Credit Score - Wednesday, July 13
  • Small Business Marketing - Wednesday, Aug 10
  • Small Business Procurement - Thursday, September 15

May 11 Starting Right and Beyond

This seminar explores in depth the legal items critical to the small business person from how to form your business to pursuing your business. Next is a presentation about the accounting and tax issues facing the small business person. Wrapping up the session is a discussion of the insurance issues and requirements.

NOTE:  If you registered for the inital April 13th seminar, you do not have to register again. 

May 11 - On-Line Registration.

Simple Steps to Success Series

This unique four week Simple Steps to Success Series presented by Dayton SCORE integrates proven business principles, contemporary business strategies into a powerful business planning process designed to successfully launch new business start-ups, stabilize and recover struggling existing businesses and to help successful ones to compete and grow.

This series deploys a proven, interactive curriculum designed to engage you in a simple step process to becoming a successful, new business entrepreneur or a better existing business owner, leader or manager while investing in your personal development

Date: Tuesday, May 24th. Online Registration

Location: The Event Connection
4140 Linden Avenue
Dayton, OH 45432 

Business Tune-Up

Is your business poised to reach the next level of performance?

Have you taken the time to step back from the daily burden to ask how is the business performing? 

Are you keeping up with the rapid changes in the marketplace and technology? 

If you’re not sure you have considered all the elements that will get you to that next level, then you should join with Dayton SCORE and tune up your business!  We will examine the critical processes in your business with you to identify where it would help to update your game plan. 

Dayton SCORE will provide free of charge and mentor to work with you to update your plan!  How can you turn down free help, expert analysis, and a free lunch. 

Date: Wednesday, May 18th. Online Registration

Location: Presidential Banquet Center
4572 Presidential Way
Kettering, OH 45429 

May - June Workshops

Dayton SCORE offers a variety of free and fee-based business and non-profit courses to meet your current situation and greatest business challenges.

At the core of these workshops is a universal curriculum based on the SCORE BusinessWorx universal planning model which also provides a foundation for consistent counseling services and common counseling resources. During April and May, several profit and non-profit workshops are scheduled at various locations within the Miami Valley.

Chapter Chair Corner - Charles Anderson

Chuck Anderson, Chapter Chair

Recall our vision is to provide our clients with accurate, timely information to help them attain success and to have a positive impact on our community.  So how is it going?  We opened a new Middletown office.  We have doubled the number of workshops presented over last year.  We have had a 13.9% increase in counselors.  All volunteers are trained and certified. 

And we have data from our client surveys showing that we increased our satisfied customers over 20% in two years to 86%. Our clients (85%) rated us as providing a critically important service to our community.  We have generated a 50% increase in the number of client testimonials.

To summarize; we are on our way to the best recruiting year in the last five years. National recognized us by contributing $6000 to our outreach efforts.  What an excellent team effort and that is for half the year!  Why would anyone inclined to give back to our community not be proud to be a member of the Score Team.

Interested in joining the Dayton SCORE team? CLICK HERE

Dayton SCORE Webinars

Dayton SCORE introduces its new Small Business Success Webinar Series to meet the current situation and greatest business challenges of all types and sizes of businesses in the Dayton area. These valuable online webinars support the Dayton SCORE counseling services, live workshops, seminars and other educational experiences.

To examines these business webinars (CLICK HERE).

February Luncheon

Karen ManerAt the February luncheon, our guest speaker was Karen Maner, Communications and Project Manager of Culture Works. She provided expert advice on the subject of crowdfunding. Karen manages the Dayton region, which is a crowdfunding site for non-profit businesses.

She defined crowdfunding as, a large number of people donating small amounts of money to projects through a crowdfunding site or platform. Karen stated, “Focusing on preparing people to give early will have an appearance of a successful crowdfunding campaign”, pointing out that people like backing campaigns that look like they’ll be successful.

John Soutar was the February featured Dayton SCORE mentor. John has served as Secretary, 3 years - Programs, 3 years - Membership Chair, 4 year and has been a Mentor for 7 years --- Great Job John.

A testimonial was given by Jason McCoy, Owner, The Organic Turf Company. His company is located in Tipp City, which provides lawn and landscape fertility, weed control, and pest control to residential and commercial clients in Southwest Ohio. A Dayton mentor  coached Jason through the development of defined job roles and how the roles fit into the hierarchy of his company. The mentor also coached him on the details of creating accountability in each position and how to reward behaviors and quickly see which employees are not meeting expectations.  To view the complete testimonial, CLICK HERE.

Dayton SCORE Newsletter

Within our newsletter, learn about Dayton SCORE′s outreach to the business community that is supported by our experienced counselors. These counselors provide FREE mentoring to existing and start-up business within the Dayton and surrounding communities.

This newsletter provides basic steps for business success, a local success story, and highlights our vision and mission.  You can stay involved with happenings at Dayton SCORE and the SCORE Advantage activities by receiving our newsletter and periodic workshop bulletins.

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Our territory includes the following counties in Ohio: Montgomery, Greene, Preble, Darke, Miami, Clark, Mercer, Auglaize, Logan, Shelby, Champaign, and the northern edges of Butler and Warren.

SCORE services are provided without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, and disability. Persons with disabilities may request reasonable (special) accommodations (with a two-week advance notice). For special accommodations, contact: Brenda Arrington.

Address: 200 West 2nd Street
Suite 104, Dayton OH 45402

Phone: 937-225-2887   FAX: 937-255-7667

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