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Dayton SCORE Supports Small Businesses in the GEM City

Dayton SCORE leads the challenge of putting the "Gem" back into the "Gem City" one business at a time. Dayton businesses, area educators, government officials, business development agencies and support groups such as SCORE must work together to save jobs, create jobs and drive the local economy. Small and medium businesses have traditionally created more jobs, generated more income, and had the greatest economic impact on the American and Dayton landscape throughout the years. Poised to do it again, they just need vision, confidence, motivation and leadership.

50th Anniversary of SCORE

2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of volunteers that have given their time, expertise and enthusiasm to help over 10 MILLION small businesses succeed.

SCORE as a whole –a strong network of over 10,000 volunteers in 340 chapters throughout the country– has had a profound impact on the state of small business in America throughout the last 50 years. 

Dayton SCORE was establish in 1965 and has more than 60 volunteers servicing both the profit and non-profit businesses.  The Dayton SCORE Chapter partners with communities  within our 11 county area.

In additional we partnership with the SBA. SBDCs, and community and state agencies  as part of an ongoing relationship to improve support for our clients. The Chapter serves as a resources to programs such as local chambers of commerce, Better Business Bureau, local libraries, high schools, and institutions of higher learning

Dayton SCORE Supports National College Students

John Glaser, (right) at the request of Robert Abadie, (left) the Business Chair at National College, National College gave a guest lecture to a group of National College students on April 15.  The topic was Starting Your Own Business.  Mr. Glaser engaged the group by asking them the question, “If they had all the help needed and all the financial support, what would be their dream business.” 

Mr. Glaser who is a counselor and workshop facilitator at the Dayton Chapter of SCORE introduced the students to the many services and workshops Dayton SCORE offers to people wanting to learn more about starting a business and making it successful.  He covered five myths that people hear when starting a business.  He then talked about what it takes to be an owner and operator of a business.  This was laid out as a checklist to help student evaluate themselves.  Finally a list of possible areas that could be converted from day to day ideas, talents and hobbies into a business was discussed.

The National College campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools across the United States. The Dayton campus is located in Kettering Ohio in the Woodman Center.  The Dayton campus offers associate degrees in nine career fields.

Engage In Strategic Planning and Marketing

Dayton SCORE and TAC ENTERPRISES in Springfield have been collaborating for several months after key representatives met during a SCORE sponsored workshop held in cooperation with the Springfield Chamber of Commerce

TAC Enterprises

Strategic analysis of current as well as future TAC products and servicesrelated marketing, and associated initiatives have been discussed to date.

SCORE and TAC representatives are collaboratively developing  an interactive PowerPoint marketing presentation to communicate their products, services, and experiences for staff, customers and clients.  This adaptive tool can be used at all levels of the organization and more specifically for different customer or client solutions.

TAC ENTERPRISES is an established non-profit corporation that provides work, life, and home solutions for a diverse group of over 300 customers and clients

Ohio Calendar

Specific Dayton SCORE events and workshops can be found on our "Workshop" webpage.

The following Ohio business related conferences, workshops, and events are highlighted by Dayton SCORE to support our local business community:

  • SBA - April-Jun Events

    U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has identified numerous Ohio events which cover a wide spectrum of business activities. To review all these events, Click Here

Dayton SCORE March Luncheon

Jeff FortescueThe theme of the March meeting was resources available to clients and counselors.   Speaking about library resources was Jeff Fortescue.   Mr. Fortescue is the Business Specialist at the Dayton Metro Library.  

Jeff was Business Librarian with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for 20 years.   He earned his Master of Library Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1993.   Before going to library school he worked in local; radio in Massachusetts as a program manager, announcer and advertising copywriter.   Among the various resource data available through the library, Jeff emphasized Reference USA, Business Source Premier and Law Depot.   For starting a business he pointed out Ohio Business Gateway on the internet.    Many other data and information sources are available at the library, but if you need his personal assistance he recommended making an appointment.

Following through on the theme of resources, Bob Talty introduced Dawn Mummey, owner of TRIO Marketing.   Ms. Mummey spoke about the capabilities of her company and the benefits of small businesses working through a SCORE mentor to re-brand and market their products and/or services.  

Mr. Talty  then introduced Mark Rosier, owner of a child care company that needed to recover and grow.   Mr. Rosier spoke of working with Bob and Trio Marketing to re-brand his company, develop a new logo and in initiate a workable marketing plan.   SCORE members can be most effective by interfacing with available resources.

SCORE Teaches Young Dogs Old Tricks

Young Dog Old Tricks

Seasoned SCORE counselors leverage years of life/work experiences with integrated business solutions to teach young dogs (business owners) old (proven) tricks (best practices).

Whether you are winning in business and want to grow, struggling in business and need to recover or just dreaming of getting started, Dayton SCORE can save you time, money and energy in meeting your business goals and objectives.

Starting a Business Advice

Dayton Business Journal

Dayton experts share best advice on starting a business

by: Tristan Navera (2/25/2014)

"It′s hard (starting a business) and you′ll need help.   Bob Talty, Dayton SCORESome people don′t know there are a lot of peers in the area to help them and they aren′t aware of the ways to get help. There are so many substantial resources in the area, reach out to us. A good business coach will save time, money and effort."

Bob Talty, chapter chair at Dayton SCORE

Dayton SCORE Newsletter

Within our newsletter, learn about Dayton SCORE′s outreach to the business community that is supported by our experienced counselors. These counselors provide FREE mentoring to existing and start-up business within the Dayton and surrounding communities.

This newsletter provides basic steps for business success, a local success story, and highlights our vision and mission.  You can stay involved with happenings at Dayton SCORE and the SCORE Advantage activities by receiving our newsletter and periodic workshop bulletins.

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