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SCORE Formula for Success

Our formula for small business success is built on a simple model with three basic elements. These elements aid SCORE counselors in helping budding entrepreneurs to focus on mission critical initiatives required to maximize the potential for success in a new for-profit business or non-profit organization.
  Principles (Challenges) Solutions Road Map = Success

Core Business Principles

  The formula for successful business start-up is built on five core business principles that help entrepreneurs identify the key elements of a successful business launch and to navigate the challenges of starting a new for-profit or non-profit business.
  1. Realistic Marketplace Awareness
  2. Marketable Business Concept
  3. Sustainable Business Model
  4. Balanced Business Infrastructure
  5. Scalable Business Plan
  Integrated Business Performance Solutions

Then seasoned SCORE counselors integrate an arsenal of solutions to plan for business start-up, short-term stability and long-term success.
  1. Assessment counseling (Individual and group)   Click here to schedule a free counseling session
  2. Mentoring services (Individual and group)
  3. Education workshops (Seminars, webinars and events)   Click here for current workshop schedule
  4. Valuable resources and documentation   Click here for our resource listing
  5. Professional networks and subject matter coaches
  6. Professional support services (Coming soon)
Road Map - Simple Steps Process

Once you and your SCORE case mentor have identified the key elements that will provide the foundation for starting your new business, you jointly put together a launch plan that can increase your potential for initial business success and long-term survival. This proven start-up plan identifies initiatives, strategies, personal responsibilities, schedules, resources and other elements needed to get the business up and running within a manageable time frame.
  1. Personal Qualification (Do you have what it takes?)
  2. Marketplace Awareness (Marketplace analysis and marketable business concept)
  3. Business Feasibility (Leadership, balanced infrastructure, sustainable model)
    Top-line business performance (Front-office)
    Bottom-line business operations (Back-office)
  4. Launch Commitments (Decision, funding and launch)


Dayton SCORE Advantage Supports Your Business

Our territory includes the following counties in Ohio: Montgomery, Greene, Preble, Darke, Miami, Clark, Mercer, Auglaize, Logan, Shelby, Champaign, and the northern edges of Butler and Warren.

SCORE services are provided without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, and disability. Persons with disabilities may request reasonable (special) accommodations (with a two-week advance notice). For special accommodations, contact: Brenda Arrington.

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